1. Leather soles

  2. Resin soles

  3. Protective soles

  4. Rubber heels

  1. Leather sock lining

  2. Leather bag handles

  3. Shoe stretching

  4. Boot calf stretching

We are expert shoe repairers which has been proven by winning many awards in national competitions over the years.  We ONLY use top quality materials like Topy heels and protective soles & J.R Leather Soles by Rendenbach.  Unlike many of our competitors our soles are stitched when necessary. We can also stretch boots and repair/ replace zips in boots and bags (a practice which is often avoided by other shoe repairers). We can fix heels and replace uppers.

Great care is taken in all repairs undertaken and we therefore also specialise in the repair of many high quality brands of shoes. Our aim is to provide a traditional quality repair service at a very reasonable price.

We are able to provide a national and international service, through the use of reliable and established courier companies. We currently carry out work for many international companies and international travellers.

  1. Leather heels

  2. Metal heels

  3. Stitching

  4. Zips

  1. Toes

  2. Stretching

  3. Surgical build ups

Shoe Repairs


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